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Robot Vacuums Including Roomba

Think about how often you vacuum your home. We all know we should vacuum our rugs daily, but between work, kids, and life, who has time? If you do have children and especially pets, vacuuming is a necessity to not only keep your house looking clean and tidy but to illuminate any allergens that your family tracks into the house. Harmful mold from accumulating where you least expect it. Robot Vacuums, including Roomba can make life much easierthant you thought possible. I’ve tried them, and they actually do work!

Also, take into account that carpet is expensive. If you were to purchase the absolutely cheapest option for carpet and carpet padding for, let say, a 1500 square foot house, you would pay close to $1500. That’s a dollar a square foot for carpet that will only last you 3-5 years. For better carpet, you’re looking at cost reaching $2000+. That’s no drop in the bucket for most of us. So, taking care of your carpet is not only essential for health and cleanliness but also think of it as an investment.

Yes, well, that’s all in good, but regardless of you still don’t have time to vacuum. It’s a good thing we live in a time where vacuums don’t need humans to clean anymore. We have entered the days of Science Fiction, where the robots have taken over… well, over the household chores that is. And there are dozens of them on the market to choose from. No matter what your budget, there’s bound to be a robot vacuum cleaner that can help you save time and money.

Budget Friendly – Under $100

Pyle Pure Clean PUCRC15
If you’re not looking for anything fancy, this is the ticket. It’s Pure Clean’s entry model starting at a little over $70. It has three settings you can choose from depending on your carpet height. This particular model best used in one room only. The benefits though you can set it to run 10, 20 and up to 90 minutes… for those rooms who really need a good cleaning.

Pyle also offers several other models depending on your budget and your cleaning preferences.

Pure Clean Smart Robotic Vacuum – Upgraded
Much like the Pyle Pure Clean PUCR15, this smart robot vacuum offers an additional rotating brush to scrub your floors and pick up more ground-in dirt. It’s also only $10 more than the base model, so adding a little additional oomph to your vacuum won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


PureClean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner
This is PureClean’s best-selling smart robot vacuum and is still affordable at just under $100. This smart robot vacuum has an added feature of being able to detect stairs and other obstacles that may be in its path… like those pesky felines who love to ride smart vacuums around the house. But you know, who’s to blame them. It does look like fun. Okay, enough of the joyriding. This smart vacuum also has an added filter that helps eliminated dander found in pet hair. This is really helpful if you happen to be allergic to cats and dogs, but you simply can’t say no to your darling five-year-old when she brings home an adorable kitten. ACHOOO!

Budget Friendly Robot Vacuums – A Little of a Splurge – $100 – $200

Keep in mind there are several types of robot cleaners on the market. There are some that only clean low pile carpets, hardwood floors, or only clean kitchen floors. This is something to research fully before deciding on which smart robot vacuum to purchase.
Pure Clean Low Profile Robot Vacuum Cleaner
This little smart robot vacuum looks like he just hopped off the screen from a Star Wars movie. But don’t let his unusual shape fool you. This vacuum is ultra thin for a reason. Have you looked under your bed lately? How about your sofa? It’s scary just how many dust bunnies accumulate in those areas. Traditional vacuums simply are no match when it comes to cleaning under beds and under other hard to reach furniture. This little smart robot vacuum slim design is specifically used to reach those hard to reach places and eliminate fast accumulating dust bunnies.

Infinuvo QQ 200 White Robot Vacuum
Finally, a vacuum that isn’t a Pure Clean, right? If a smart robot vacuum could look sporty, this would be the vacuum. This vacuum comes with a unique and very cool feature, it has a UV-C sanitizing light that helps to kill bacteria, dust mites and allergens while vacuuming the floor. Pretty cool! It also has a sensor that keeps it from going over steps, cliffs or running over the occasional foot… which can happen if you’re not paying attention. OUCH!

Haier XShuai T370 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Now we’re entering the realm of truly smart Robot vacuum cleaners. The Haier XShuai not only can do your taxes, wash your clothes and do the windows… wait, that’s Rosie on the Jetsons. Oh, wouldn’t that be nice though? Flights of fancy, I regress. This is smart robot vacuum is almost as good as all that… um, well… . It does have an app that allows you to connect directly with Siri on Apple iPhone. Or, if you have an Android (which seems more fitting for a robot vacuum, don’t you think?) it has an Alexia app as well. You can connect this smart vacuum via Wi-fi and control it via voice commands. So, let’s say you just find out your boss is coming to dinner and you know your floors are a mess, simply tell Siri or Alexa to start cleaning and like magic the floors will be clean by the time to arrive home.

The “I just got a bonus and I want to really splurge” Robot Vacuum models. $200-$350

Hoover is a well-known name is vacuum cleaners for over a hundred years. A hundred years? Wow! Well, it’s no wonder they came up with their own smart robot vacuum cleaner. And unlike your drunk uncle Bob, this vacuum prides itself on not bumping into walls, feet, and cats… those silly cats again. The Rouge 970 also connects to your home Wifi and can be voice controlled via Google or Alexa.

Bissell 1974 SmartClean Robot Vacuum
Bissell, yet another well-known name in the vacuum cleaner and deep cleaner industry has also come out with its own line of smart vacuum cleaners. With a stylish turquoise ring around the top, it looks more like a serving tray than a vacuum, but that’s okay. This model has an 80-minute clean time option and when it’s finished, it simply returns home for more power. That’s mighty handy.

iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum
Let’s get ready to ROOMBA! Roomba is one of the better known smart robot vacuum manufactures with many models to choose from. The 614 is one of their middle of the road models that adapt to your floor as it goes. If the kid’s room has a low pile, the living room has high pile and your bedroom has shag (yes, they do still sell it and it looks marvelous in white), this vacuum will adjust to any level of carpet in your house (with a little effort) and just keeps on going. It can also detect high traffic areas in your home and it scrubs just a little harder to loosen up any ground-in dirt.

Obsweep PetHair Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop
If you hate doing floors, any floors, this is the model for you. Not only does it vacuum the carpet, give this handy robot a bucket of water and a mop… wait, it is the mop! Now that’s really something. This smart robot is more than a vacuum, more than a mop, it’s BOTH! What a time saver! And you can’t go wrong with champagne color.

The “Here’s my credit card. Just make my house look beautiful again” models – $350 +

iRobot Roomba 890
Roomba! Roomba! Roomba! This smart vacuum cleaner is guaranteed to freak out any feline. This is currently the one I use in my home and it’s been very effective in cleaning all of those spaces that accumulate dirt, cobwebs, and flower peddles? (Ah, sweetie, you shouldn’t have.) It took a few times before this vacuum managed to map the house fully, but after it cleaned like a boss (not the vacuum manufacturer that is). It takes on corners, baseboards and under the bed like a pro. You can also start it from the app, on the machine or ask Alexa “Ask Roomba to start cleaning”. Beep, beep, beep… and it’s off. And when it’s finished it returns to it’s charging station.

Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum
This vacuum claims to really suck! Oh, but this is a good thing. It has 40% more suction power, which can be really handy for high trafficked areas or high pile carpet. It’s also the master at picking up hair, human, cat, dog, orangutan, you name it. It also has an app so you can tell it what to do. That’s always a nice feeling, telling something what to do for once.

iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum
Roomba-a. Roomba-a-a, say magnifique. For the cost of this smart robot vacuum, it better be. With this model, you can expect fireworks, whistles, and Margaritas every Tuesday. If that were the case, right? Well, what it really offers is 120 minutes of cleaning time, one of the most on the market. And if your house is so large that 120 minutes won’t cut it, this smart vacuum will return to its charger for more juice then resume cleaning after it’s charged. And like the Roomba 890, you can schedule days and times you would like the vacuum to run automatically.

Things to keep in mind though. Since using one myself, I find that I keep a lot fewer things on the floor. Which is a good thing when you think about it. But all smart robot vacuums, no matter how much you pay for them, can get into trouble. Things to look for before letting them loose on your home:

• Shoelaces
• Balloon stings
• Any loose string
• Um… underwear (especially those sexy little thongs)
• Paper (good excuse, the smart vacuum ate my homework)
• Pens or the like
• Take care to avoid frayed areas or damaged carpeting
• Paperclips, nails, tacks, etc
• Curious pets
• Easy to tip over and breakable items

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