Nov 30

What is Alexa?

What is Alexa?


The newest way to organize your life has suddenly taken a sharp right into the sci-fi world. Alexa and all of her nifty devices act and feel just like the computer from your favorite science fiction series. And if you really want to get your geek on you can even change Alexa’s name to “Computer”. Now, how cool is that? Read More »

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Nov 15

Swag Bucks – It really does pay!

Swag Bucks has been around for quite a few years and many people either don’t know about it, or forgot this easy-to-use site is still around. It’s surprisingly quick to earn point (Bucks) to redeem for gift cards. Over the last 2 years I’ve earned $100’s in gift cards from stores such as Amazon, Target, Walmart and Starbucks. You earn Swag Bucks for doing searches on the Web, completing surveys, watching short videos, and shopping online. You then cash-in your Swag Bucks for gift cards Read More »

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Mar 08

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker

The AeroPress makes what may be the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted!

Aeropress New

Is there anyone who hasn’t seen or tried the latest single serve coffee makers? They’re all the rage lately. These amazing machines consistently make great coffee from tiny pods that are both easy to use, and easy to throw away. The Keurig is one of the biggest sellers these days and works great for those without much time in the morning (our review of Keurig can be found here). Looking for alternatives on the web I stumbled upon a little contraption called the Aerobie AeroPress. Let me tell you about this device…. with a little bit of hands-on effort it literally makes the best cup of coffee you may ever taste. Read More »

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Feb 18

Klipsch RP-150M Review

Klipsch RP-150MAre you looking to upgrade your Home Theater sound to the next level? Among the speakers you should be considering are the Klipsch Reference Premiere line of speakers. The Klipsch RP-150M speakers are small in size, allowing them to disappear you’re your décor, yet they provide intensely bold movie theater sound. In this article we’ll discuss the front and center channel series by Klipsch. Read More »

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Feb 11

Amazon Echo for Home Theater

Amazon Echo-1The closest thing to Star Trek for your Home Theater! The Amazon Echo speaker, which you control with only your voice connects to the Alexa service for free to play music, read the news, provide sports scores, give you the weather forecast. And best of all, control your Home Theater too! Read More »

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Feb 06

Home Theater Signs

Home Theater Signs-1Here at The Creative Alternative we’re always looking for ways to add that unique touch to our Home Theater that punches it up a notch. We stumbled across some fun Movie Theater signs recently. Read More »

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Feb 02

How To Calibrate Your TV

Calibration HDTVHow to Calibrate your TV for the Best Picture. What Home Theater enthusiast wouldn’t want their TV to look the best it possibly can? None, of course. This short guide and reference will help get you started. Typically HDTV’s ship with their default settings which look great in the store, but at home they look horrible, usually with very bright and with unrealistic colors. Read More »

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May 01

Amazon Prime – What is it, and is it worth the cost?

Amazon Prime has been around for quite awhile. I’m sure you’ve heard about it somewhere, but probably have also wondered; is it really worth the cost (currently $99 per year)? Amazon Prime benefits include Free 2-day shipping for thousands of products sold by Amazon, free streaming video including movies and TV shows, and the ability to borrow books from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. I’ve been a member for a number of years now and below will outline the benefits of membership and how to best use them. Read More »

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Apr 28

AV Receiver Guide – Home Theater

Check out some of the latest models with 4K Ultra HD compatibility now included in this AV Receiver Guide for Home Theater


The A/V Receiver… Some have referred to this device as “The “Heart of the Home Theater”. And for good reason; this one device is the central component of your entire system, controlling how each one is seen and heard by you and/or your audience based upon your input. This gives us good reason to put much thought in selecting one. As with my previous guides to choosing products that are “right for you”, I’ve gone through the paces of owning various brands and types of receivers, along with online and in-store research, summed up is what follows. Receivers range in price from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. In the low price range, the differences are largely based upon their features. When it comes down to it, most higher-end receivers are packed with features most people would never need or use, or hear the difference. If you happen to be one of those who can distinguish the difference and know what you’re looking for, I’ve also included many technical specs. Read More »

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Mar 28

Soundbar Guide

Klipsch SoundbarSoundbars – The Basics and How to Choose

Over the last 5 years and especially most recently, the soundbar marketplace has been booming, making them nearly as present as TVs in our homes. Its a good thing, too, because as TVs get thinner and thinner,  there is less room than ever before for built-in speakers. Consumers don’t need to see big, bulky speakers devastating their TV’s appearance, let alone their viewing rooms. Manufacturers have taken to placing the speakers on the rear or minimal front portion of the TV. As you can guess, small speakers and especially when located on the back typically don’t sound very good. Read More »

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Feb 11

Where To Get ADA Training

Are you looking for where to get the required ADA training in California?

For architectural license renewal in the state of California there is a requirement to complete 5 hours of Continuing Education related to Disability Access. It can be quite confusing trying to figure out where to get the right training. About a month or two prior to your license renewal date you may be receiving tens to hundreds of e-mails along with snail-mail advertising various companies wanting your hard-earned money in exchange for their training. The state’s Bill SB 1608 language appears somewhat vague to some as to what may actually qualify as valid training to satisfy the requirement. An unbiased review/guide may be useful. Read More »

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