Nov 15

How to Make Money Online, Easier than you think!

Earning money online… yes you’ve heard it before. And yes, usually the offer or deal is too good to be true. But, you really can make money online when you use the right sites, and methods. I’ve gone through more than my fair share of websites that promise, promise, and promise even more, only to be frustrated in the end by making a few cents, or if I was lucky, a single dollar! Yes, you can find this information online yourself by Googling, as I did. Hard to find however were step-by-step guides all in one place, which is why I’ve created this post.

Based on my experiences I’ll be outlining many types of methods useful in making money online.  Included will only be those that I’ve used successfully for awhile and received what they promise. Knowing this is important as you don’t want to start participating in a program and then out of nowhere they disappear, taking your earnings with them. Read More »

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Oct 25

Best Home Theater Projector for the Money? BenQ W1070 Review with Optoma HD25e and HD141X

BenQ W1070 Review,Projector Guide,Best Home Theater ProjectorHD25e review,Projector Guide,Best Home Theater Projector

Updated to include 2014-15’s latest models… This Projector Guide aims to find the Best Home Theater Projector for the Money. This BenQ W1070 review compared side-by-side with the Optoma HD25e will help you decide!

Looking for the movie theater experience at home? Tired of watching a 50 or 60 inch TV from across the room and pretending it’s like watching a movie in a theater? I can tell you from experience that nothing compares to a 100” or larger screen at home. Read More »

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Jan 30

Panamax M5100-PM Review – Home Theater Power Cleaning

Panamax m5100-PM review, home theater, Panamax Power CleanerProtect your valuable Home Theater system with clean and safe power from Panamax



Most people don’t think about electricity other than simply plugging in our home theater equipment either directly to the wall or into a surge protector. Electricity is a vital component of your home theater components, and typically it isn’t very consistent.  Spikes and interference within power lines are very real and can slowly kill your equipment’s circuits or power transformers. This Panamax M5100-PM review explains how this power cleaner acts as a middleman protecting your system. Read More »

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Jan 29

Starbucks Verismo Review

Starbucks Verismo Review, Starbucks Verismo 580, Starbucks Verismo 600

Starbucks Customers: It’s all about the Starbucks Verismo!




The Verismo 580 machine

Note: To learn more about pod types, prices, including other compatible pods, etc, please see the “FAQ” section below.

“The machine that makes both espresso and brewed coffee. Now you can use the Starbucks Verismo to create the drinks you love – latte, espresso, and a freshly brewed cup of Starbucks coffee – at home.”

This Starbucks Verismo review aims to be a bit different than those typically found online. (hint – let us know what you think) One of the things I like best about the Verismo 580 is that it’s so extremely simple to use. It’s got just three buttons (espresso, brewed coffee, and milk pod buttons), which means anyone in your house can use it, and probably not need the manual at all (except to clean). You place a pod in the machine, press the desired button and your coffee beverage will be ready in 30 seconds. It’s really that simple. Just like a Keurig (our review can be found here) but with Starbucks quality drinks AND a truly uniquely designed machine. Read on for more why this could be the device you’ve been waiting for. Read More »

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Jan 24

4K Ultra HD – A Guide

4k Ultra HD4K Ultra HD – The Future of Television

It’s becoming clearer now at this year’s CES that this is a fact. And like with the very first high definition TV’s, the first 4K sets we’ve seen have been outlandishly expensive. Lesser known HDTV manufacturer Seiki is challenging the larger manufacturers with a 50″ 4K TV at under $1,500 making it extremely competitive to others on the market going for $10,000 and more. They also make a 39″ version for under $500 making it more affordable than ever to have the latest technology and resolution in your home or Home Theater.

Read on for what you need to know before jumping in and buying your first 4K Ultra HD TV! Read More »

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Jan 14

Home Theater: Choosing a Projector Screen

projector screen reviewsHome Theater Projector Screen Reviews and Guide

The Movie Theater Experience at Home!

To get as close as you can at home to the theater experience you need a projector. A projector will give you more than 100″ of movie presentation in your own home, making the little 55″ lcd your friends look tiny. And it’s much more affordable (cheaper than an lcd) than you think. These projector screen reviews should help you get really close to the movie theater experience at home. Read More »

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Jan 03

Home Theater Frozen Accessories

High Quality Authentic Frozen Dresses

Why be cheap and get one of the inferior knock-off Elsa dresses from China? Your child deserves a dress that won’t fall apart after one or two times worn. Glitter that falls off as she walks. During my days walking around Disneyland I see these cheap dresses on a regular basis and hear the typical complaints of how they are falling apart already. This is why we highly recommend buying authentic dresses. These Authentic Disney Elsa and Anna Frozen Dresses are scarce and hard to find typically. For other Frozen dresses you can try Here. We also have some pencil sets which make for great gift ideas here. Note that Ebay guarantees the original item cost you pay for AND the shipping. Read More »

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Nov 19

Ebates – Cashback for All Online Purchases

Cash Back for buying online at stores you already shop at:

Shopping online is something we’re already doing, so why not make some money at the same time? What if you could get 5% or 10% back for buying something from Target, Walmart, Amazon, or even FTD Flowers? All you need to do is go to EBATES first, then click to the site you shop at, such as and you are taken directly to Target’s site where you’ll earn cashback (paid via check every 3 months). Even Orbitz for travel and theme parks is included. Tip: Buy your Disneyland Hopper Tickets through them and get up to 10% back! Read More »

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Nov 18

Ninja Blender

Ninja BlenderThe Ninja!

The amazing Ninja Pro NJ600 Blender you’ve seen everywhere lately can effortlessly crush ice and make all vegetables and fruits into delicious smoothies in just seconds.


Looking to save money and make your own smoothies with the ingredients you choose? Make your own Margaritas? Not only does the manufacturer claim it can do this, but they also say it can also grounder veggies near instantly and make crushed/snow-like ice effortlessly.

Here we check into these astounding claims for this machine to see how handy it will really be in your kitchen. Read More »

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Nov 08

Xbox One

Xbox One

Xbox One with controller

Cutting-edge design meets cutting-edge technology!

Xbox One delivers an entertainment experience like nothing before. Its innovative technology is rivaled only by its iconic design. Sharp corners and clean lines make for a sleek, modern console that complements any decor. Xbox One was designed from the ground up to be the centerpiece of every living room. Read More »

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