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Ninja BlenderThe Ninja!

The amazing Ninja Pro NJ600 Blender you’ve seen everywhere lately can effortlessly crush ice and make all vegetables and fruits into delicious smoothies in just seconds.


Looking to save money and make your own smoothies with the ingredients you choose? Make your own Margaritas? Not only does the manufacturer claim it can do this, but they also say it can also grounder veggies near instantly and make crushed/snow-like ice effortlessly.

Here we check into these astounding claims for this machine to see how handy it will really be in your kitchen.


Main Features

  • 72-ounce capacity and made of BPA-free plastic
  • High power with 1000 watts
  • Pitcher, lid and blade are dishwasher safe
  • Three speeds: Mixing, blending and ice crushing, plus pulse



The best method to test a blender’s power capability is to test how well it crushes ice. With a 1000-watt motor along with its innovative blade design, the Ninja Pro delivers. This blender is tall and thin, which means that the generously sized 72-once pitcher might not fit under some cabinets. But the blender is brilliantly designed and shaped of one piece, meaning less chance for leaking. As for the lid, it lacks an opening to add ingredients like most blenders, but it does have a pouring spout.

To operate the blender, you must place the jar on the base and swivel it into place until it clicks, and then turn the lid until it, too is in place. A bit of extra work, but it’s also much safer to use this way. Easier than some other blenders, which might require a few tries to mount the jar onto the base, this blender is simple to get everything into place. The blade is an not a typical design; it consists of three pairs of blades staggered along a long stem. This design helps it blend much more efficiently than comparatively priced blenders. The Ninja measures up to blenders that are four or five times its price. I was especially impressed with how well it crushed ice; Throw some ice cubes in and in a few moments you have what looks like snow. Pureeing was equally as impressive.


Additional Observations

The Ninja Pro is a bit more noisy than many other blenders. It would wake anyone sleeping so I suggest using it after 8am. And the blades are extremely sharp so be careful. But the sharpness is what provide the snow-like ice. The often overlooked incorporated cord storage really does help keep the countertop clutter-free.



  • Unique blade design thoroughly mixes just about anything
  • Powerful ice crushing ability
  • Oversized pitcher provide room for even large fruits/veggies
  • Easy to lock onto base compared to other manufacturers


  • Noisy (but aren’t all blenders?)
  • Sharp blades can cause injury if you’re not careful while cleaning, keep away from children.
  • Pitcher lacks opening in lid to add ingredients (are we too lazy to open the lid?)
  • Too tall to fit under many cabinets

At around $100 at the time of this article, the Ninja NJ600 Blender is a great buy for people who can’t afford the pricier high-powered models like Vitamix or Blendtec.


Where to buy?

Ninja BlenderYou can buy the Ninja Pro Blender at Amazon. With their FREE shipping, it makes for an even better deal. Click here to view on Amazon.


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