Where To Get ADA Training

Are you looking for where to get the required ADA training in California?

For architectural license renewal in the state of California there is a requirement to complete 5 hours of Continuing Education related to Disability Access. It can be quite confusing trying to figure out where to get the right training. About a month or two prior to your license renewal date you may be receiving tens to hundreds of e-mails along with snail-mail advertising various companies wanting your hard-earned money in exchange for their training. The state’s Bill SB 1608 language appears somewhat vague to some as to what may actually qualify as valid training to satisfy the requirement. An unbiased review/guide may be useful.

Over the years I’ve taken many courses, both in a classroom setting and online and have now provided information you may find useful to select a course, or courses that suit your specific needs. Some courses cover one subject while being taught by a manufacturer and describe their “type of product” in general. Beware those that mention their specific brand and product in the course. You may not get much use from them. The best courses, whether online or in a classroom setting cover not only a type of product, but an overview of the ADA and its various changes over the years. The recent 2010 standards which went into full effect March, 2012 are one good example you may want to see in a course you choose.

I include both paid and free (yes, Free!) courses of which I provide links to and a description. Also shown are courses that satisfy the full 5 hours of training in one class, and those that you can take in 1-hour segments if that fits your schedule better. These days many of us in the industry can use all the help we can get.

See my full review/guide for more information here: California Architects ADA Training


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