Robot Vacuums

Robot Vacuums Including Roomba Think about how often you vacuum your home. We all know we should vacuum our rugs daily, but between work, kids, and life, who has time? If you do have children and especially pets, vacuuming is a necessity to not only keep your house looking clean and tidy but to illuminate

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What is Alexa?

What is Alexa?   The newest way to organize your life has suddenly taken a sharp right into the sci-fi world. Alexa and all of her nifty devices act and feel just like the computer from your favorite science fiction series. And if you really want to get your geek on you can even change

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Klipsch RP-150M Review

Are you looking to upgrade your Home Theater sound to the next level? Among the speakers you should be considering are the Klipsch Reference Premiere line of speakers. The Klipsch RP-150M speakers are small in size, allowing them to disappear you’re your décor, yet they provide intensely bold movie theater sound. In this article we’ll

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Soundbar Guide

Soundbars – The Basics and How to Choose Over the last 5 years and especially most recently, the soundbar marketplace has been booming, making them nearly as present as TVs in our homes. Its a good thing, too, because as TVs get thinner and thinner,  there is less room than ever before for built-in speakers.

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