Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte Machine

mrcoffee2The Latte!

It’s taken America by storm! Especially since Starbucks entered the coffee/espresso realm.  The difficulty with lattes though, is that they are pricey. Usually, $4-5 doesn’t sound like a lot, but 5 days a week for a year adds up. In fact, I didn’t even have to write that out, because it’s likely the most cliché statement in finance.


Still, with lattes as costly as they are, people figure they could save a lot of money by simply making them at home. But this is actually only true when you have a machine like Mr. Coffee’s BVMC-EL1, because most home espresso makers will cost you a lot of money. A good, long lasting espresso machine will easily set you back $400. There are cheaper models on the market, but they simply do not last long and have cheaper plastic switches and knobs which break or crack over time.


After watching this coffee maker do its thing, it’s safe to say that this isn’t truly a latte it’s making. It’s actually more like a café au lait if you’re going to get technical. But its marketing point is the simplicity of use. Many people will not even notice the difference between the “lattes” this produces and those that you can get at your local coffee shop.


If you have strict latte standards, this likely isn’t the device for you. It basically is a drip coffee machine with a simple milk warmer. Reliable, it will probably fulfill most taste buds, especially considering the fact that you can modify your coffee to milk ratio. But it still isn’t real espresso, nor is it real steamed/frothed milk. Another option if you have a craving for a more bold espresso taste is the AeroPress. See our review here.


Simplicity of Use:

If there were one solitary reason to buy this latte machine, it would be its intense simplicity of use. Add coffee, add water, add milk, turn a switch and wait. This is as elementary as it gets when it comes to making home lattes. No need to learn how to steam milk properly.



It can make lots of drinks like hot chocolate and the flavor of lattes is limited only by your imagination. It comes with a recipe booklet to help you get started.


Closing Thoughts:

mrcoffeeIf convenience is your thing, and you don’t want to spend he large amount for a proper espresso machine or want something that gets as close to what an espresso machine can do but is almost effortless, the Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte is definitely worth a look.




Where to Buy?



You can buy the Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte machine at Amazon and with their free shipping it makes for a great deal! Click here to view on Amazon.

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