Starbucks Verismo Review

Starbucks Verismo Review, Starbucks Verismo 580, Starbucks Verismo 600

Starbucks Customers: It’s all about the Starbucks Verismo!




The Verismo 580 machine

Note: To learn more about pod types, prices, including other compatible pods, etc, please see the “FAQ” section below.

“The machine that makes both espresso and brewed coffee. Now you can use the Starbucks Verismo to create the drinks you love – latte, espresso, and a freshly brewed cup of Starbucks coffee – at home.”

This Starbucks Verismo review aims to be a bit different than those typically found online. (hint – let us know what you think) One of the things I like best about the Verismo 580 is that it’s so extremely simple to use. It’s got just three buttons (espresso, brewed coffee, and milk pod buttons), which means anyone in your house can use it, and probably not need the manual at all (except to clean). You place a pod in the machine, press the desired button and your coffee beverage will be ready in 30 seconds. It’s really that simple. Just like a Keurig (our review can be found here) but with Starbucks quality drinks AND a truly uniquely designed machine. Read on for more why this could be the device you’ve been waiting for.

Making espresso, brewed coffee and tea is extremely easy with this machine. The 19-bar pump pressure will brew real espresso, and not airy foam like many others on the market currently.

This version includes a 33.8 oz removable water reservoir. The drip tray is removable and it can store up to 10 used pods. A nice feature over the Keurig where you must dispose of each one right way to make another cup.


  •          Makes espresso, regular coffee, tea, milk pods
  •          Water reservoir: removable, 33.8 oz
  •          Used pod storage: yes, it can store up to 10 pods
  •          Energy saving system: yes, auto off activates after 5min
  •          Dimensions: 16.4″H x 8.2″W x 14.8″D
  •          Weight: 8 lbs
  •          Pump pressure: 19-bar

Starbucks Verismo Review, Starbucks Verismo 580, Starbucks Verismo 600To learn more about pod types, prices, compatible pods, etc, please see the “FAQ” section below.

The Verismo 600

In addition to the new & improved design, and two extra buttons, the Verismo 600 model and 580 are virtually identical.

The Verismo 600 has a 33.8 oz removable water reservoir and removable drip tray. It uses Verismo pods and can make espresso, brewed coffee, tea and milk pods. It has a built-in used pod storage and can store up to 10 used pods. It has the same 19 bar pump pressure and auto on/off system to save energy as the 580 model.

The two new buttons that differ from the 580 model are: One to make Americanos and a separate rinse button. With the old model espresso & rinse function shared one button.

 Starbucks Verismo Review and FAQ

What are the Verismo pods? Verismo Pods are individual pods/portion packs of Starbucks coffee, tea or milk used only for the Verismo single cup brewing system. The coffee and tea blends in these pods is the same as used in the stores, unlike the competition such as Keurig.

How do Verismo pods work? With Verismo pods no grinding is needed of the beans, measuring or cleaning. Just insert an espresso/brewed coffee or tea pod into machine and push the button for a delicious shot of espresso or cup of coffee.

How much coffee do you get with one Verismo pod? Compared to regular Starbucks drinks, Verismo serving sizes are a bit smaller. For example, a latte makes approximately 6 oz, Americano 8 oz and brewed coffee 7 oz. This means that you will need two pods if you want to make a 16 oz Americano. Something to keep in mind when buying the pods.

Can you use k-cups in the Verismo? The answer is NO. K-cups are larger than Verismo pods.

Can you use the CBTL capsules in Verismo? Yes. The CBTL Capsules are about the same size, so they can work with the Verismo machine. Note however, that manufacturers always recommend only original pods. Using different pods can sometimes cause damage to a machine. This rarely happens but manufacturers need to point this out so you will keep buying their own pod/capsules. For those who want to switch to different pods, here are few good reasons to check out the CBTL capsules. The price you can get 10 CBTL capsules in a pack for $7.00 or under these days). There are more than 30 varieties available, including espresso, regular coffee, tea, flavored coffees and decaf! And, another reason people are switching to CBTL capsules, is the lack of decaf Verismo options and flavored coffeesCBTL decaf options: Espresso Premium Decaf, Breakfast Blend Decaf, House Decaf , French Decaf.

Do they make reusable Verismo pods? No, but you can try refilling the empty Verismo pods on your own. How to refill a Verismo pod? Take an empty pod and remove the original plastic foil using a knife or scissors. Then rinse, fill with your own coffee (very find grind). Use aluminum foil to close the top. Use as you normally would. Be clean and neat with this method to avoid grounds in your cup. With practice this method can save you a lot of money and become easier.

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Do Verismo pods work in Nespresso? Nespresso capsules are smaller than Verismo pods so they probably won’t work. You are welcome to try, you may end up with a mess to clean up though.

Where can you buy this?

Starbucks Verismo Review, Starbucks Verismo 580, Starbucks Verismo 600You can buy the Verismo 580 at Amazon or directly at Starbucks store here.



Starbucks Verismo Review, Starbucks Verismo 580, Starbucks Verismo 600You can buy the Verismo 600 at Amazon or directly at Starbucks store here.

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