Quick Money Online Using Swagbucks

Quick Money Online Using SwagBucks

Earn Gift Cards While You Watch TV

Not many people who can say that they have too much money. Most of us struggle to make ends meet. When we do manage to set aside a little cash, let say for a new computer or TV, something typically happens, like the dog gets sick or your transmission goes out in your car and the warranty just ended. Doesn’t that just figure, right? What if I can tell you there’s an easy way to make some extra “cash” that’s will be there when it’s time to buy your new TV… regardless of your pooch or car problems? Nice pipe dream, right? Think again. Think Swagbucks!

Make your PIGGY BANK happy!

Since 2009, my household has been using many online survey sites to help cover the extra necessities and a few spoilings.  On average, we earn up to $500 extra in money and gift cards every month for about a passive hour of your day. You can easily do it while you watch your favorite TV show. I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme or anything like that. Let me explain.

We use many different sites, but the one that pays the most is Swagbucks. On Swag Bucks, you can earn money by filling out surveys, watching shows, printing coupons and so much more. When you first use the site, it may look a little intimidating. Here is a good breakdown of where the best offers are:

To start – each 1 SB is equal to 1 penny. I know you might think it isn’t worth a lot, but those pennies do add up. Think of it this way, if you earn $15 an hour at a job, you’re making .25 a minute (minus taxes and all that insanity, of course).


Swagbucks has six apps that you can install on your phone. From those apps, you can watch (or not watch) videos that will pay you .02 cents every 7-10 videos. On average, you can make $1 a day watching apps. The trick with these though is to find the shortest video on each app and favorite it. There are usually a couple of videos that range between 10-15 seconds long. When you start the app, hit favorite in the pull-down menu and let the app go. You will want to check it off and on because each app doesn’t last forever, that’s why there are six available. Once you’re finished with the first app, go to the next and so on. Watch your bonus videos though. They sometimes trick you with up to 76 videos, which is a waste of time.

The Apps are:

Swagbucks TV, Lifestylez, EntertainNow, IndyMusic, Sportly, and MovieClips

Swagbucks does have other apps as well, including their own app, Swag Bucks. That app also has more videos you can “watch”, but the payout isn’t as good.


If you like a good challenge, SBs just added a new app, Swag IQ, to their arsenal as well. If you’re good at trivia, you can earn a lot of money, $1500+ a day. Well, that’s what they claim, but it’s a good chance you can earn at least $5+. Swag IQ typically runs only once a day, unless they’re doing a special promotion, and it starts at 5:00 p.m. PT or 8:00 p.m. ET. If you’re somewhere in the middle, I’m sure you’re used to doing time math. The fun thing about this app/game is they often do theme trivia. One day it will be all Disney and another might be about dog breeds. If you happen to know a lot about a certain category, you’ll go far. If not, you can always rejoin (once).


There are some SBs, you can get every day that only take a few minutes and some of them can add up to quite a lot.


Under the Discover link on the front sidebar, you can find a section for coupons. The link is on the Discover page’s left side. You can earn up to 50 SBs a day just by pdf-ing them. If you actually use any of the coupons, you’ll earn an additional 25 SB per each coupon. Pretty nice. If you print and use a .75 cent coupon, it’s like you have a $1.00 coupon instead. Pennies add up and it’s especially nice when you’re buying something that you had planned to buy without a coupon.


Do you search the internet a lot? Of course, you do. Who doesn’t? There’s always some

bit of information that we need and it’s all a search result away. If you change your default search browser to Swag Bucks, they’ll pay you to search. Now, it’s not every search that will come up a SB winner, but you’ll typically at least get one or two a day and they often pay between 5-8SB. On occasion, they’ll go as high as 99SB, which is very helpful if you happen to have received a double your search from the Swago board. (See special events section.)

Swag Codes

At least once a day, Swagbucks issues a Swag Code that’s either redeemable on the “Swagbutton” on your computer or on the Swagbucks main app. These codes can range from 1-15 SBs. Once a month, they have a Swag Code Extravaganza where they release a new SB code every-other hour, 6+ SBs each.

Daily Poll

Located under the “Daily To Do List” on the left-hand side, is a super quick way to earn 2 SB every day.

Daily To-Do List

If you do manage to set a little time a day to focus on Swag Bucks, it’s a good idea to finish your Daily List. It’s fairly easy for an additional 7-8 SBs.

  • Daily Poll – Gives you 2 SB anyway, so it’s good to do.
  • Daily Search – 1 click and it’s done
  • Deal of the day – This will take you to an offer page. Sometimes you need to click on the ads and sometimes you don’t.
  • Daily Discovery – Takes you to the Discovery page (where the coupons are). RadiumOne often has little 1 SB click-throughs for learning about medical issues or whatnot.
  • Daily Activity – Usually is covered if you watch something on one of the apps.
  • Daily Watch – Mark that off the list by earning 2SB on one of your apps.
  • Attempt a Gold Survey – Either do a survey under the Gold Surveys (left side column) or be disqualified. It’s better to do one so you can mark the last item off your list.

Complete a Gold Survey – There are days you just won’t qualify for any survey. When this happens, click Time To Complete the at the top of the survey grid, under the Answer Gold Survey, to resort your surveys so that the shortest amount of time is at the top. It doesn’t matter how much money it is, just as long as you complete one survey.


Since we’re already on that subject, let’s go a little more in-depth with surveys. There are many good moneymakers when it comes to surveys and some real duds. The best ones are the Home Trial surveys, where a company will send you a product to test. They’re usually high paying, $15 – $150. We’ve received Roombas and clothing to test as well as household products and food. Most of the time they send food (cookies, drinks, popcorn, etc.) Sometimes, e.g. the Roomba, we had to return it after the survey was completed, but most of the time the items are yours to keep.Many of the surveys are geared towards parents, especially parents or grandparents of infants and toddlers. There’s also quite a few about pets, finances, cars (usually higher paying), and many asking you to review commercials and give your opinion.



Swag Buckshas many fun little things to do to make even more points. When a SWAGO game board is available, you can earn a lot of extra points for not much effort. Once a month, they also offer a board that comes with additional points that you can use for SWAGO spins. You can earn free rejoins for Swag IQ, double your next survey (which could be worth quite a lot), double your search wins, and between 1 – 2500 swag bucks – .01 – $25.00.


Team challenges are usually once a month. You can team up with others and do tasks that will not only earn you SBs but help your team earn additional points as well.

Cashing Out

You’ve banked a bunch of SB and now you want to cash out. Great! A little trick, once a month, many of their $25 gift cards are discounted for one redemption only. This comes in handy for cards like Amazon and eBay. They also have a few cards listed every month that is offered at a discount as well. Check those out and save some SB for your next gift card. You can also redeem for PayPal, in case you need some extra cash. Just don’t go over $600 or your friendly neighborhood IRS agent may knock on your door. It’s only when you redeem for cash do you have to worry about that though.


Lastly, Swag Bucks has a great referral program. So, wink, wink, click on the link to get started making some extra money~

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