Kindle Fire HD Review

In my last article (found here) I went over what you should think about when choosing a tablet that is right for you. This article’s purpose is to go over the Kindle Fire HD, in more specific detail. And as in the last article, the information provided here is both basic (for those wishing to find out what this newer technology is all about) and partially advanced.

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Amazon calls the Kindle Fire HD “The World’s Most Advanced 7″ Tablet”. And for good reason. In tests by PCMag and other online technology blogs, the tablet comes across as a beast among the giants in the business.

This tablet comes withe an array of features that should satisfy the most discerning of potential buyers.


Here is a list, noting the deals you really care about:

  • 1280×800 HD display with polarizing filter and anti-glare technology for rich color and deep contrast from any viewing angle.

  • Like many tablets, Kindle Fire HD uses In-Plane Switching (IPS) to improve color reproduction. But displays that only use IPS still appear washed out at various angles (such as the Google Nexus 7), such as laid sideways when reading in bed, laid flat on a table, or held between you and a friend when sharing a movie. The Kindle Fire HD addresses this issue by applying an advanced polarizing filter directly to the LCD panel. This results in a display that shows the same deep contrast and rich, detailed color when viewed at any angle.


    • Reduced Screen Glare
      • Most tablet displays are made up of two pieces of glass – an LCD on the bottom and a touch sensor on the top, separated by an air gap. With an air gap, light reflects off of every surface as it passes through from the front, creating multiple distracting reflections that reduce display contrast. Kindle Fire HD solves this air gap problem by laminating the touch sensor and the LCD together into a single layer of glass, creating a display that’s easy to view, even in overhead light. The blog Gizmodo found the colors and resolution to outperform the iPad 2 and the new iPad.


    • Exclusive Dolby Audio
      • Along with it’s dual driver speakers, the Kindle Fire HD uses the power of Dolby Digital Plus to create a world class audio experience, with or without headphones. Dolby Digital Plus includes technology used to adjust volume, create virtual surround sound, and deliver easier-to-understand dialogue in movies and TV shows. Kindle Fire HD is designed to automatically optimize the audio profile based on what you’re doing, such as watching a movie, listening to music, or talking on Skype. It even optimizes the audio differently when you have headphones plugged in, so you can just sit back and enjoy. This hands-down beats the Nexus 7 which only comes with mono-audio.


    • 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor with Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics core.
      • This fast processor provides for a much smoother operating experience than the previous model with graphics power suitable for some of today’s most demanding games! Up to 32GB of on-board memory is available. I suggest 16GB for most people and you can save a few bucks too.

       Kindle Fire Wifi

    • World’s first tablet with dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi for over 35% faster downloads and streaming (compared to the iPad mini)
      • This type of antenna may benefit those with a large house or when sharing the wifi at Starbucks when the signal is weak due to many people using at the same time.


  • Front-facing 1.3 megapixel HD camera.
    • Useful for taking photos or making video calls using Skype, Facebook, and other apps in crystal clear high definition.


  • Battery life is listed at 11 hours of reading, surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music.
    • This means you can pretty much use the tablet all day long without recharging. Especially useful for a long commute by train.


  • The operating system is an altered version of Android 4.0.
    • This simplifies Google’s interface into their own environment making it quick and easy to find and access all your content.

     Kindle Fire HD held

  • 7.6”x5.4”x0.4” thick and 13.9 ounces.
    • This isn’t the most lightweight of the tablets out there, however it does have a bit more solid feel to it and it may survive the rare stumble.


  • Micro-HDMI out to TV – Micro-USB to computer – Headphone jack.
    • One of the very few tablets available with a way to connect directly to your TV. This can be really useful when sharing photos and videos with family and friends. This feature is not part of the Nexus 7 or Nook HD as of this article’s publication date.

     Kindle Fire Prime

  • Prime Instant Video
    • If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can access unlimited, instant streaming of thousands of popular movies and TV shows. (of those offered to Prime subscribers). I’ve caught up with American Horror Story, Downtown Abby, Parks and Recreation and noticed they recently added Justified and The Good Wife. Some older shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer are also available. Some recent moves also are available along with a nice back-catalog.


  • Kindle FreeTime Unlimited
    • Just for kids! Unlimited access to books, games, apps, movies and TV shows. As low as $2.99/month you can keep your kids entertained and control what type of content they use on the tablet.
    • You can also use the non”unlimited” version to try it out.


  • Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
    • Kindle owners can choose from more than 270,000 books to borrow for free with no due dates, including over 100 current and former New York Times best sellers. You can read one book per month, or keep one (lended) as long as you like.


  • Integrated support for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and more, as well as Exchange calendar, contacts, and email
    • All integrated without the need to search out additional apps.


  • No set-up required!
    • The Kindle Fire HD arrives pre-registered to your account so you can get started right away, including having immediate access to any previously purchased content you may have.


If you have a large Amazon library of books, music, TV shows and movies, or love to shop with Amazon in general, the Kindle Fire HD may be for you. Amazon Prime members especially will benefit. Yes, their interface is a customized version of Android, but it is also simplified making it much easier to use for many people in the real world. Its Dolby audio speakers provide for a nice viewing and listening experience with more than one person viewing. Kindle Free Time can be useful for those wishing to share a tablet with their children. These features, among other may be the reason it’s one of the best selling item on Amazon’s site


Where to Buy:

Getting the best price tip! You can add an item to your cart on Amazon at any time and don’t have to purchase right away. Each time you visit your cart Amazon will note at the top any pricing changes. Your own personalized price-tracking tool. Makes it much easier to track what you want to buy later.

You can buy the Kindle Fire HD on Amazon. With their free 2-day shipping it makes a great deal! Click here to view on Amazon.

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