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If you like to read as much as I do, you probably find yourself with shelves full of books and spending a lot of time at the bookstore buying new books. Your shelves fill up fast and your wallet becomes lighter and lighter. Yes, there are books we love to keep, and even showcase on our shelves; however, there are many we don’t need anymore.

A few years ago I discovered Once you join, you simply list the books you’d rather not crowd out the special gems on your bookshelves. Others on the site will request the books. Obviously if there are already 100’s or more of your book on the site it may take a bit longer to get a request. Each person requesting your book has a “score” that you can use to determine their “honesty/reliability” to ensure you will actually get the credit for the book you mailed to them. You can cancel any request that you don’t like due to their “score”. You then simply mail the book to them, potentially making your book someone’s new treasure.  Media mail typically runs about $2 or so. Easy to buy the postage using PayPal or even the USPS site and print. PaperBackSwap offers their own shipping service, but I don’t recommend it as you need to tie up money with them first. Once the transaction is complete you will receive a credit. Use this credit to request books from others.

You can also purchase credits (currently $3.95) if you want to order books without waiting for yours to be “requested”. It’s an easy site to search using titles, authors, or ISBN. You can add items to a wishlist and they e-mail you when available.  They have many out-of-print books as well, and I’ve personally found this very helpful.

So if you’re looking for a way to reduce the clutter on your bookshelves and keep more money in your wallet, is a great option, however your local bookstore may send out a missing persons report on you. Click on the banner below and see what gems you can find. I’ve found a few rare first editions, and for my work, Architectural Graphic Standards which typically cost $80 or more.

They also offer CD’s and DVD/Blu-rays if you’re interested. These are available at their sister-sites, (banners below as well) as they keep their inventory separated for crediting based upon the media.

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.


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