Best Subwoofer Choices

pb13,home theater subwoofers

Best Home Theater Subwoofers


Our Home Theater Subwoofer Buying Guide showed you how these discrete boxes work and what you need to know to choose one. Below are our favorite brands and their offerings. All items listed below come with a 4 or 5 star rating from customer reviews and high analyst rankings as well.

SVS Subwoofers

SVS offers what many professional reviewers claim to be the most affordable high-end options available. They sell direct to the public eliminating the middle-man thus making them one of the best bang-for-the-buck subs around. They also sell through their Amazon store making it easy to purchase. Personally I’ve owned an SVS sub for more than 6 years and absolutely love it.



SVS: Sealed Enclosure

SB1000,home theater subwoofersThe SB-1000 12 300 watt powered sub plays down to 24hz and is pretty much a 13″ square cube, tiny yet fills the room with powerful bass.



SB13,home theater subwoofersThe SB13-Ultra is their flagship model. This 17.4″ cube includes a 13.5″ driver with a huge 1,000 watt amplifier and plays down to 20hz. Be sure your neighbors like you before cranking this one up!



SVS: Ported Enclosure

pb1000,home theater subwoofersThe PB-1000 budget sub includes a 10″ driver with a 300 watt amplifier playing down to 19hz sized at just 18.4″h x 15″w x 18.4″d




pb13,home theater subwoofersThe top-of-the-line PB13-Ultra comes with a 13.5″ woofer and a gigantic 1,000 watt amp playing down to 14hz! Yes, 14hz! Yet the size is still somewhat on the smallish side at just 22.5″h x 20.5″w x 27″d

Klipsch Subwoofers

Klipsch has been around since 1946, founded by Paul Klipsch. Their speakers and subs can be found in many of the movie theaters you go to. They speakers are known for the legendary horn design. Personally I have their Reference Series speakers performing as my left, center and right channels. The crispness and up-front sound is very close to what you get at the theater.



Klipsch: Ported Enclosure

klipsch sw110,home theater subwoofersThe Klipsch SW-110 combines a 10″ driver with a 200 watt clean amp delivering bass down to 28hz. Plenty low for a budget model to fill your Home Theater. Sized at just 14″h x 12.5″w x 17″d



klipsch sw112,home theater subwoofersKlipsch’s SW-112 Reference Series sub steps up to a 12″ driver and 300 watt amplifier playing further down to a very clean 26hz, yet the size is still just 16″h x 14.5″h x 19″d.




Based out of the Silicone Valley for more than 30 years, Velodyne continues to make some of the most affordable yet solid subs available. Velodyne subwoofers contain the industry‘s most flexible and complete feature packages, allowing perfect integration with virtually any system.


Velodyne: Ported Enclosure

Velodyne Impact 10,home theater subwoofersThe Impact-10 budget subwoofer by Velodyne combines a 10″ driver with a solid 150 watt amplifier in a small 13.75″ x 12.75″ x 14.4″ cabinet. Play down as low as 32hz cleanly and affordable at the same time.



velodyne eq12,home theater subwoofersStep up to their EQ-Max 12 for a much higher quality rumbling 12″ woofer and 450 watt amp playing down to 25hz!


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