Amazon Echo for Home Theater

Amazon Echo-1The closest thing to Star Trek for your Home Theater! The Amazon Echo speaker, which you control with only your voice connects to the Alexa service for free to play music, read the news, provide sports scores, give you the weather forecast. And best of all, control your Home Theater too!


Just say “Alexa, play Star Wars. And based upon your settings, it will play the movie, and activate any other Home Theater network connected devices. Curtains can be set to open/close, lights dim, receiver set to proper input. With network connected devices and the setup at Amazon’s settings, the sky’s the limit.

The Echo has been fine-tuned to produce amazingly crisp vocals with dynamic bass. With its two downward speakers it delivers 360° audio to fill any room with a realistic immersive experience. Want it louder to take full advantage of these speakers? Just say “Alexa, turn it up”! Why not integrate this with your home theater? With just a few settings you can ask Alexa to control your A/V system. The Amazon Echo really does provide a seamless experience.


Amazon Echo-3Underneath the Echo you’ll spot seven microphones. The noice-enhancing mics include the far-field voice recognition technology. Echo can hear you ask a question from virtually anywhere nearby, even from another room if the sound can travel there. The Echo will hear you over music playing in the background, so you won’t need to turn you favorite station or artist from playing.



Alexa, by the way is the smarts behind the Echo. “She” as we’ll call her here resides in the cloud, and is getting smarter every time you, or another accesses. The more you use Echo, the faster it adapts to your speech nuances, vocabulary, and even your favorite things to do. There’s no need to do anything for updates to the Echo’s firmware. Just like many of you Home Theater components, the Echo will simply update itself in the

background while connected to your network.

If you enjoy Audible audio books, Echo can read your favorites to you. Catch up on the latest bestseller with great sound and without having to lift a finger. Try learning a new language by using Alex to read “beginning French” while you make dinner. Speaking of reading, you can also ask Alexa to give you a recipe for Grandma’s Lasagne! Alexa will read it to you.



By using Amazon’s Alexa “skills” settings you can enable to do more. You can say “Alexa, open the garage” and the Garageio skill will kick in and you’re all set to head to work. Want pizza while in your Home Theater watching a movie? Just say “Alexa, open Dominos and place my easy order”. Just set up your easy order preference first and you’re all set. You don’t even have to interrupt the movie you’re watching to have pizza in 30-45 minutes. How amazing is that? The Amazon Echo can even start your car, if you have a newer model with autostart capabilities.

Amazon Echo-2Alex will help you keep your water bill low, with the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. You can easily check, or turn on/off your sprinklers. A surprise thunderstorm is outside, simply ask Alexa to set the rain gage.


Using our Echo near the Home Theater, lets us dim the lights (using network connected adapters is easy!) lower the screen, set all inputs, adjust volume, and play the movie of the night. Check it out over at Amazon.

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